When you work with big Copy dealers owned by Manufacturers, with customers all over the world, troubleshooting a problem can include long hold times and take a while to get your problem resolved. Employing many customer service representatives globally or utilizing automated service to handle all these customers; you never really know who or what you’re going to get to help you resolve your issue or what kind of customer service awaits you.

On the other hand, with a local service provider, like Docuproducts, you will not only talk to a human being when you need them most, but you will develop a close professional relationship with your customer service representatives and technicians, building relationships as you regularly communicate with the same staff. You can count on getting through to a representative quickly and count on superior customer service, with people you can trust. Local copier dealers can offer more of their time and get you up and running again, quickly. Local copy dealers have a tight-knit, highly trained staff leaving less margin for error. You will find more time is spent focused on you and your needs and that means far superior service.

In addition, local equipment providers will take care of all the details from purchasing to delivery, installation and maintenance. This will give you peace of mind knowing every detail has been taken care of, without you having to juggle multiple vendors. A local team, that relies on repeat business from the community will be committed to providing incredible customer service to help keep your business running and stay current.


Local copy dealers are more readily available to provide services promptly and efficiently. You can often rely on same day service for your copier with many expert technicians readily available. Big companies often have less availability leaving your business down, waiting days which can be expensive.

Local dealers typically have service contracts that make it more affordable and easy to extend your machine’s life through regular maintenance and upkeep. For an annual or monthly fee, the costs of supplies, like, ink & toner, regular maintenance and any unforeseeable repairs that may arise are covered & can be fixed as easily as making a phone call.

Large manufacturer copy dealers may offer service agreements as well but with minimal coverage that may not become apparent until its too late. With a smaller copy company, you’re not as likely to encounter unforeseen costs. Docuproducts’ has an experienced sales team that really cares about their customers and years of experience in customizing service agreements to meet everyone’s needs.


Large manufacturers want you to buy your equipment outright, trying to sell you the most expensive machines. Docuproducts’ has leasing options to get you up and running while meeting your budgeting needs. In addition to the ability to create a customized payment plan, working with a local copy dealer, you have the option to upgrade your equipment staying with the newest technology, in an affordable way.


In addition, to the many ways buying locally can help you, it also helps your community. It’s not just the small business that you are buying from that reaps the benefits from your business. There are many other local businesses in the community that are utilized by that small business every day. Your support at a local business surpasses just the company you’re working with, providing support to many more local companies like banks, rental agencies, etc. within your community. They are a vital part of the employment market as well. 65% of all available jobs come from local businesses in the last 7 years and they maintain employment for 77 million people nationwide.

Local businesses also create more money for the community than chain stores. In fact, three times the money per sales dollar! This means that if you spend a hundred bucks at a local company, sixty-eight of those dollars will stay in your community, helping local organizations and improving your local economy.