About Us

Since 1997, DocuProducts has been providing quality copiers, printers, document management solutions and IT services to customers in Santa Barbara, Ventura County and the Los Angeles area. Our Customer First approach drives our continued success across Southern California.

Our Story

After working for almost a decade in the digital imaging industry, DocuProducts’ president, Steven Wolff, realized that there was a lack of personalized, local customer service available which led him to create DocuProducts. Over the last 25 years, the team at DocuProducts has strived to achieve quality relationships with customers, continuously focusing on how they can better serve the community and build a stellar reputation that people can trust. 

What We do

DocuProducts provides copiers, printers, document management solutions and IT services to Customers across Santa Barbara, Ventura County and the Los Angeles area. As the largest Local authorized Canon dealer in our Area, DocuProducts serves a wide-range of customers including large enterprises, small businesses, Government institutions and not-for-profit organizations. 

What Makes Us different

Our team of experienced sales and knowledgeable highly trained service technicians understand how to identify needs and implement quick solutions for even the most complex challenges. At DocuProducts, customers can count on end-to-end imaging solutions that are fast, flexible and efficient all while controlling budgets and often saving your business money.

Headquarters in Ventura County California

We are proud to serve the Santa Barbara, Ventura County and the Los Angeles area with our corporate office located in Ventura.


The Largest Authorized Canon Copier Dealer in the area 


Our Mission Statement

DocuProducts is a National Corporation with home base in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties.
DocuProducts Provides end-to-end leading office technology solutions, combined with world class customer service and support.


We market equipment and supplies that are manufactured to the most rigorous specifications and are industry award winners, and we guarantee our products 100% – 100% of the time. Our Express Distribution and Service Network allows us to meet your deadlines and demands.


Success in business depends on maintaining a competitive edge, and this often comes from providing better products and services at a lower cost. As part of our Customer First approach, it is our priority to ensure you are receiving the value that you expect. 

Corporate Office
4535 McGrath St., Ventura, CA 93003

Phone: 800-769-2900


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