How to Choose the Right Copier for My Company?

How to Choose the Right Copier for My Company?

Purchasing your first copier, or needing to upgrade your office printer, can be a big leap for your company. Before purchasing, one should evaluate the wants and needs of their copier to allow the office to have the best ROI (return on investment) for your business. This can eliminate confusion between the latest technology and the actual necessities your company needs in a copier. From a small business to a growing corporate enterprise or a state and local government, you should purchase the copier and/or printer that will be the most efficient for your office’s needs.

A company may ask themselves these questions before purchasing:

Am I purchasing my copier from an Authorized Dealer?

When purchasing your copier from a company, investigating if the dealer is a reliable company should be the first step. Many times it’s easier to purchase a copier for a “low-cost deal”, but is your dealer/supplier reliable? Does your supplier provide Authorized copiers, printers, and supplies with quality and Manufacturer support? This becomes expediently important if a major problem arises! Can your dealer get the Manufacturer on-site or does it become your problem? Quality and reliable printers, copiers, and FAX machines stem from Authorized Dealers that provide options from well-known brands such as Canon, HP, and Kyocera.

Do I need a multifunction printer?

Companies that tend to have a busier office setting may want to look into multifunctional printers and copiers. A multifunctional printer allows you to copy, print, scan, and fax all in one! This could save your company time and money in the long run, allowing your employees to have more time for other tasks. Remember most MFP devices scan at a very highly rated speed eliminating the need for desk-top scanners. Also, Networked Copiers can allow you the ability to scan directly into your companies cloud provider (box, dropbox, Google, Onedrive, etc..) allowing security and one-touch production scanning.

Are their acquisition options (lease, rent, purchase) for my copier?

Purchasing a multifunctional printer can be a huge expense, having the option to rent, lease, or purchase provides cash-flow flexibility for your company. One printer could be great for a period of time, but as your company grows so does technology. A growing company may want the option to lease the latest MFP, with quality features and apps included from their dealer this allows you the flexibility to upgrade as your business changes.

How do I get the supplies after installation for my copier?

A busy business could continuously need supplies. Does your copier come with service local support and maintenance options? Does your dealer have manufacturer support to proactively monitor your device for low-toner alerts? Is your dealer in your local county for reliable maintenance and the quickest supply delivery should you run out.

Does my copier come with a local maintenance service?

Before purchasing your copier, look into their maintenance hours, or review their customer service hours. Does the dealer provide their own surveys after the call? If the dealer has prior reviews, ratings, or provides testimonies from their customers, evaluating them can save you from purchasing from unreliable, or scam-like resellers. Does that dealer have a good customer service rating and satisfied comments from their prior buyers? This can determine a dealer’s goodwill, response time, and patience if you have a question about your purchase, or need minor assistance. When you buy your copier from a locally-owned copier service, you are able to pick up the phone and get someone familiar with your business to assist. Working with an Authorized local dealer will give you more personalized service. You’ll get fast, immediately accessible support with any questions relating to your equipment. When it comes to maintenance, you’ll get local technicians with parts housed locally to get you back up quickly and efficiently. Local dealers with manufacturer support have tools provided by the manufacturer to proactively support your copier and tools to identify problems before you may know they exist. They have tools to diagnose your copier before arrival – this will ensure the technician shows up with the right parts to quickly get you back up and running.

A copier purchase can be a significant expense making a good business decision can equate to years of happy copying, printing, and scanning.

Good luck and do your research!